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Stamp Cards

  • Buy n Number of Times get nth Free
  • Visit 5 times get 6th time 20% off
  • Refer your friend with your link get 30% off on your next visit
  • Refer your friend get 1 stamp free

Possibilities Are Endless

Sell Subscriptions

This is Example of Restaurant selling Beer Subscription of 15 Beers at 25% off.

Example as below

  • 1 Beer is $10
  • If bought 15 together its 25% off so it will be $7.5 each. (Optional) Discount can be set from 0% to 100%.
  • You can set subscription expiration (Optional) like 1 day to 1 year to more. You customer has to consume subscription is set given time.
  • If you successfully refer one friend you will get 1 beer free. (Optional)

Possibilities are endless get a free account today.